Residential Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning is given special care because it is your personal dwelling.


Information needed and determining the piece counts:
A) Name, address, phone number and email address (optional).
B) How many stories tall is your house and do you have a walkout basement
C) Outside or inside/outside or wait until you know price?
D) Count double hung, crank out, stationary and transoms together.
2 pieces
DoubleHung_300x300Double hung
One Piece is stationary and one piece moves. This includes patio doors and vertical sliders


16 Stationary Pieces
stationarywindowsStationary Glass
Glass that does not open as in a picture or bay window.

2 pieces
double-casement-windowCasement or Crank Out
May have one or two pieces that crank out.


  2 Transom
Smaller stationary glass above the main window(s)

E) Count cutups separately as they are a lower price than the normal glass.
F) Storms are counted separately because they take more time to remove and clean and replace back.
G) Count screens if those need to cleaned.
H) Do you have removable mullions/grilles? No charge if owner removes and replaces.

11 Cutups
CutUps_300x300True Divided Light or Cutups

True small panes of glass where the mullions are not removable.
4 Storm Windows
bay21Storm Glass
Removable pieces of glass


  • Commercial Liability Insurance $1 million each occurrence/$2 million annual aggregate:
    • Covers breakage of property items.
    • Covers injury to others on your property.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance $1 million each occurence/$1 million annual aggregate:
    • Adds another million to both the liability and worker’s compensation insurances.
  • Workers Compensation $100,000 each accident:
    • Covers injuries to our employees so your property insurance is protected.
    • Worker’s Compensation insurance is NOT mandatory for sole proprietors or those ‘subcontracted’ by sole proprietors in Indiana whereas it is mandatory in other states for those two categories. Therefore your property insurance would be liable for costs incurred if either the sole proprietor or ‘subcontractor’ were injured on your property. These costs can include lost wages while recovering and medical costs. Be careful of sole proprietors sending a ‘subcontracted’ person to work on your property as the subcontracted person might legally be an employee but is not called so in order that the sole proprietor can avoid paying unemployment insurance, paying taxes on the employees’ behalf and paying for workers compensation. Your home is worth protecting!
NOTE: A Certificate of Insurance will be promptly provided by our insurance company, NOT from our company. Certificates of Insurance could be fraudulent (out of date) if the document is sent by the window cleaning company itself.

Residential Testimonials

Dear Mrs. Wilson,
Over the weekend we had one of your employees, Mr. Bryan Myers, clean all the windows at our home, and we were so impressed with his work that I would like to give you some feedback.
Bryan did an absolutely OUTSTANDING job and works very hard.  He is a true professional who goes about his work quietly and efficiently.  He is polite, considerate (takes off his shoes when entering the house); he also did the mirrors in our bathroom and finally even washed the window screens.  His work ethic is truly outstanding, and I would recommend that you give him positive feedback for his work; he really deserves it.  We will use your company again!”
Yours very truly,
Rolf H. Scholz

“The cleaning team did a fine job and were very pleasant. Thank you!”
Jan Gamaunt

“We have always washed our own windows in the past. Now, with such a large home and so many windows, it is an overwhelming task. The First Class team do such an outstanding job that we could not be more pleased with the results. They work hard and leave everything in order. The windows sparkle! We highly recommend them for superior work and professionalism.”
Paul & Lisa Mchone