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Whether you are a proud owner of a mom and pop store or the manager of a retail chain, windows are the first thing customers see!  Sparkling clean windows not only make a good impression, they show a buyer you pay attention to details.  On the other hand, dirty windows could make a potential customer walk right on by as he envisions what the interior may look like based on the exterior presentation of your building.
HIRING A PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE can save the store owner/employees valuable time to keep their focus on running the store.   Our men get the job done much quicker and more unobtrusively with proper equipment.  We come prepared for any weather.
COMPARED TO A JANITORIAL SERVICE, our experience from feedback has been that a janitorial service may use equipment that is less effective and more time consuming and so produces a lower quality result.  Their fee is typically part of a cleaning ‘package’ that may be higher than our company’s price.  To compare apples to apples, just ask how often they are contracted to clean windows and what their price is if they remove the window cleaning from that ‘package’.  Since we are specialists, our professionals are quicker; less time involved means a lower price.


  • Commercial Liability Insurance $1 million each occurrence/$2 million annual aggregate:
    • Covers breakage of property items.
    • Covers injury to others on your property.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance $1 million each occurence/$1 million annual aggregate:
    • Adds another million to both the liability and worker’s compensation insurances.
  • Workers Compensation $100,000 each accident:
    • Covers injuries to our employees so your property insurance is protected.
    • Worker’s Compensation insurance is NOT mandatory for sole proprietors or those ‘subcontracted’ by sole proprietors in Indiana whereas it is mandatory in other states for those two categories. Therefore your business would be liable for costs incurred if either the sole proprietor or ‘subcontractor’ were injured on your property. These costs can include lost wages while recovering and medical costs. Be careful of sole proprietors sending a ‘subcontracted’ person to work on your property as the subcontracted person might legally be an employee but is not called so in order that the sole proprietor can avoid paying unemployment insurance, paying taxes on the employees’ behalf and paying for workers compensation. Your business is worth protecting!
NOTE: A Certificate of Insurance will be promptly provided by our insurance company, NOT from our company. Certificates of Insurance could be fraudulent (out of date) if the document is sent by the window cleaning company itself.

WHAT CLEANING FREQUENCY do we offer and what is typical?

  • The majority of stores are cleaned once every 2 or 4 weeks.
  • You can choose weekly, once every 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.  There is also the choice of once a calendar month if budget-conscious.
  • For those on a tight budget we also offer once every 3 or 4 months but at a higher price since it takes longer to clean.
  • You can also choose to alternate between outside and inside/outside cleaned.


  • We price according to size.  Door (D)  size (3’x7′ approx) is Large (L), less than door size is Medium (M) while Cutups (C) are several inches square.  (Refer to picture and matching size/letters)
  • There is also Extra Large (XL) in the case of huge pieces of glass.
  • In cases of large amounts of signage we charge extra to remove and put back signs but we strongly prefer that the store personnel remove and replace signs to assure proper placement and minimize liability risk.  This keeps our prices lower.
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  • We prefer either cash or check and do not take credit cards.  Credit card fees would only raise our prices.
  • In case the above is too inconvenient we can also leave a copy of the invoice and you send in a check.
  • We also offer payment ahead to save you time in processing checks or taking time to pay cash.  We mark your invoice as such.  An email address will be asked so that when your credit is used we can send you a new bill for the next payment ahead.
  • If a different location needs to send a check, such as the owner or corporate headquarters, then we can email the signed invoices at the end of the month.  We prefer to email as the most green alternative.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Obstacles against the windows outside take time to either move or work around.  In some cases they may pose a liability risk for our men and we ask store personnel to move the items or we clean the glass that is reachable and change the price.  Please consider keeping items two foot away from the glass.
  • Shelving/fragile items near or against the glass on the inside we do ask be removed and replaced by store personnel.  You might consider using rolling shelving for front glass display items.


“By the way, the work on the windows has been tremendous!  Please pass that along for me.”
Kevin Rush
Director, MHA, R.T. (R)(T)
Cancer Services – Radiation Center
Indiana University Health Bloomington

“I will be closing the office at the end of the month. Thanks for your consistent service! It will be hard to say goodbye to the office and more importantly, all my great clients. Thank you for such reliable and affordable service. I will certainly promote you where I can.”
Nancy Murphy
AXA Advisors
411 6th St
Columbus Indiana 47201